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Vintage Blue Porcelain Tiered Stand
Vintage Blue Porcelain Tiered Stand
Vintage Blue Porcelain Tiered Stand

Vintage Blue Porcelain Tiered Stand

$ 90.00

Thanks, it's vintage!

This is upcycled porcelain given a second chance by way of a *multi-purpose* 2 tiered stand.

These are individually sourced, so the actual design may vary, but your piece will be blue and white, and adhere to the dimensions listed— Let us know if you are looking for a specific pattern!

*Note: For shipping purposes, the stand comes unassembled (seen in third image). It's an easy 5 step process that doesn't require any tools. 

Info + Care:

Blue and white vintage porcelain
Height: 10in
Base tier: 10in
silver metal hardware
Minor assembly required

Made by: Ariel Davis at The Brooklyn Teacup

Ariel found a stack of discarded fine china on the streets on NYC, gave the plates a little love and then decided to start a business upcycling vintage plates and family heirlooms into useful and eco-friendly serving pieces

What quantity should you register for?

Ever wonder what quantity you should register for?

A lot of people do. 

Twelve has long been the assumed wedding registry quantity, the one size fits all for every couple, no matter what. The number has been so largely uncontested, that some registries go so far as to auto-fill "12" as the desired quantity. And just like that you have way more stuff than you ever wanted.

In an effort to free from this construct we created a chart that will help guide your selection by taking into account your lifestyle and your blueprint.

Use this as a starting point to get you thinking about what you really need and how you intend to use your new house wares.

*based on a 2 person household

Suggested wedding registry quantities based on lifestyle:

Wedding Registry Quantities

When will you receive the gifted item?

Special Order Product Lead Times:

Due to the handmade or made to order nature of much of our collection, there may be a lead time before you receive the actual gifted item. Use this chart as a general guide, even though there might be circumstances or times of the year where these are longer or shorter. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Your patience with these lead times helps support an independent maker's passion, thank you.

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