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Do you appreciate heirloom quality product and love notes? Then, welcome.

We believe wedding gifting should consist of quality housewares and an authentic experience. We’ve curated a collection of handmade ceramics, high design glassware, and artful accessories so that you may create a wedding registry that reflects your values and aesthetic.

How it works:

1: Create the registry

Create an account and start building out your registry. Consider your lifestyle, home space, and current needs. If you need guidance on wedding registry quantities, take a look at this guide. 

2: Copy/Paste that unique link

So it is easier on your guests, make the link that leads directly to your registry clearly visible on your wedding website or invitations. Fear not, these days, this is viewed as helpful and not tacky.

3: Gift purchases start rolling in

This is a really busy, stressful time, and we do not want to overwhelm you with an influx of spontaneous packages. On top of that, much of our product is special order or has a lead time due to its handmade nature. This is our solution...

4: Receive gift note

We will send you a keepsake card that includes: the gifter’s note, a description of the item purchased, and a blank card for you to send back as a thank you note, if you choose.

5: Receive gift item

Following receipt of the gift note, you will receive the actual gifted item. This will most often come directly from the maker, but occasionally we will be able to send the stock directly from us. A general lead time is indicated on each product description, but sometimes, for example in the case of dinnerware, we will wait to send until a complete or nearly complete set is purchased. If you would like more visibility or to specify a time frame for sending the gifts (for example: after the event date) we will be happy to work with your preferences just contact us