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Q&A: Rainbow Lens Flare

by Katie Mouallek |

On meeting your heart:

Kendall and I met in Nashville in the fall of 2015 after a string of happy accidents allowed our paths to cross. We both left our first date- rock climbing followed by beer and pizza- with the feeling that we had found someone and something incredibly special. Our dates turned to weekend adventures, adventures to vacations, and 6 months later we were moving across the country and starting a brand new adventure together in Seattle!


The engagement:

A year after our cross-country move we purchased a home together, so it’s safe to assume we had been discussing the idea of becoming Mrs & Mrs Berns. Kendall, ever the thoughtful one, took it upon herself to make things official! Without my knowing she found a pair of rings for the occasion and called our parents for their blessings. On a sunny August day Kendall suggested we load up our kayaks and enjoy a paddle around the lake. When we found ourselves alone in the middle of the lake, Kendall motioned me over to her and took out the rings. Although we had discussed marriage several times before, I still experienced a moment of disbelief before I realized what this meant! Kendall asked if I would share my life with her, and after a few tears and a careful embrace so as not to fall out of the kayaks, I said yes!


On wedding planning:

Kendall is a program manager, so having a plan and being organized and getting stuff done, that’s her thing. And I’m not too far off the mark. We had 10 months to prepare and thankfully everything went smoothly, but it was a lot of work! We had spreadsheets, shared documents, and a to-do list that filled up an entire whiteboard in our office! It was a lot of fun to plan an entire weekend devoted to celebrating us, but I’m happy to only do it once!



The worst thing that happened:

Our wedding went off without a hitch, so far as I’m aware. One close call was when our flower girl’s hair ribbon went missing. My brother-in-law searched high and low and even in the trash before it turned up! We also ran out of alcohol no less than 4 times, but it was nothing a credit card couldn’t fix for our happy drinking crowd.

The most magical thing that happened:

I think I can speak for both myself and Kendall when I say it wasn’t so much a ‘thing’ as a feeling. I felt so much love and happiness and joy in celebrating our commitment among family and friends! It was a powerful feeling and an experience that we’ll cherish. How often do you get everyone you love, and who loves you, in one place to watch you commit your eternal love to your partner? (not often!)



And life now:

Married life is, for the most part, the same as engaged life, though I do find it a little sweeter. I take pleasure in little things like signing my name as Mrs. Sarah Berns, introducing Kendall as my wife, and of course staring at my wedding ring all day! It’s extremely humbling, relaxing, and crazy to know that the person you love wants to spend the rest of their life with you. Best wife, best life!

Wisdom to pass on:

Live with intention. Do the things that make you happy. Don’t worry so much what other people might be thinking about you, as long as you’re proud of your life that’s all that matters.

as told by Sarah Berns


photography by Jenny Storment Photography

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