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4 Thoughts following my PG-13 engagement shoot

by Ottilee Contributor |

written by: Sara Smith

1. Get comfortable.

Your partner may not be as excited for this shoot as you are. That is okay. Ricky was kind of dragging his feet and claimed he wasn’t used to being in front of a camera. The babe shined. I know he is sexy. That is why one reason I married him. Anyways, we shot our engagements at his family’s mid-century modern home. It is the house of my dreams. We were both comfy and familiar with the space. I think that helped ease some anxiety. We picked out and wore clothes that made us feel like us but on a very good day. The color palette was clean minus my yellow, mod mini dress. It played well with the vibe and looked gorgeous in photos, though-- the sleeves on that dress are everything.

Sara&Ricky Engagement shoot

Sara&Ricky Engagement shoot

2. Alcohol helps.

It’s not for everyone but a drink before or during can help ease some awkwardness. We decided to make our engagement shoot a fun day long date. Most photographers like to shoot in the early evening so Ricky and I started the day with a boozy brunch. We kept the party going by using champagne as a prop during the shoot which resulted in some of our favorite pictures.

Sara&Ricky Engagement shoot

sara & ricky engagement shoot

3. Wardrobe malfunctions are possible:

I didn’t intend to have a free the nipple moment. I came prepared, or so I thought. I steamed all our outfits. I hung them on a standing rack in the house before the shoot. Then, I realized I forgot my pasties. There’s a reason professionals are responsible for styling and are usually equipped with a fanny pack of rescue supplies. I thought about asking the photographer to photoshop the nips but when I got the pictures back, I was glad I didn’t.

Sara&Ricky Engagement shoot

Sara&Ricky Engagement shoot

4. Take photos for you and your love:

For the last shoot, I suggested we jump in the bathtub. I let the makeup get runny. I may have ruined my indulgently priced bodysuit. Ricky was wearing cotton shorts. The photos were worth it. It was steamy, both literally and figuratively. I have some pictures from this steamier shoot framed in our bathroom.

Sara&Ricky Engagement shoot

Sara&Ricky Engagement shoot

Final thought: If you and your partner don’t know what to do during the shoot, just kiss each other. Those photos turn out gorgeous and organic.

Sara&Ricky Engagement shoot

photography: @aseaoflove
makeup by: @brookeknows

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